Foster's Radler Beach Volleyball Event

London, July 30th: Today Foster?s Radler bought an Australian oasis to the heart of London as it unveiled its very own beach volleyball court in Covent Garden. Members of the public got a chance to go up against Team GB stars Zara Dampney and Lucy Boulton two years after they endured fierce competition on the court at London 2012. Foster?s Radler delighted local workers and passers-by with a refreshingly different lunch time activity; transforming the piazza into a combination of golden sands (60 tonnes to be exact), great beer and some top athletes demonstrating their skills, it doesn?t get much better on a Wednesday afternoon. Beach volleyball proved to be one of the most popular sports at London 2012, with a purpose-built 15,000 seat stadium being positioned in central London to accommodate the sport?s prevalence, the largest of its kind! In 2018, the Gold Coast in Australia will host the Commonwealth Games ? a city most famous for being a surfer?s paradise, a place where the elegance and finesse of beach volleyball is highly regarded, yet there will be no sign of this great sport, a travesty.
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